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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Scarlett Couture 1

Posted by Geek-o-Rama Admin on 2:00 PM

Using her cover as Head of Security for her mother’s internationally renowned fashion house, she gathers intelligence for the CIA. In this explosive first issue, Scarlett follows her instincts right into the middle of the action and finds she needs to use all her wits to get herself out of hot water!

This book comes with glowing praise from Mark Millar.  It has eye popping art that literally explodes off the page.  The colors are vivid bringing true to life to the already vibrant characters.  Des Taylor’s story is a roller coaster ride of tongue in cheek super spy fun.

Scarlett, the main character of the story is your typical super spy who braves dangers that would leave the average mortal quaking in their shoes or with a hundred bullet holes.  She is Rita Hayworth meets James Bond in a big smash up of action, adventure and just plain fun.  Come and give this one a try if you are just looking for a great smash-up, blow-up good time!  The first issue also includes a bonus cover for variant lovers.

For more information about Scarlett Couture or other great titles from Titan Comics visit Titan Comics.


Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

Resident Alien: The Sam Hain Mystery 0

Posted by Geek-o-Rama Admin on 11:00 AM

A stranded alien scientist hides out in the sleepy town of Patience, Washington, while federal agents begin to close in on him.  Secrets about his home planet—as well as his first months on Earth—are revealed!  This special #0 issue collects Resident Alien: The Sam Hain Mystery chapters 1 to 3, originally serialized in Dark Horse Presents Volume 3, #1 through #3, published in 2014

Resident Alien has been around for awhile and this is a great opportunity for readers to get a refresh on the characters before moving on to newer stories about our distinguished interloper and part time country doctor.  He may even solve a mystery or two with the help of his plucky native american nurse.

Issue 0 takes you through Harry setting up shop in the town of Patience after obtaining a nest egg of legal currency in Vegas to throw off the Government agents circling in on him.  This comic is not a slam bang ride but a leisurely cruise in an Aston Martin.  The muted colors set the tone of an involved narrative that will draw you in on a subtle but sure ride.  Ready for a slow steady pace that will leave you flipping pages with rapt anticipation, come join displaced alien Harry Vanderspeigle for a little clue gathering whodunnit.

For more information about Resident Alien: The Sam Hain Mystery or other great titles from Dark Horse Comics visit Dark Horse Comics.


Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

Nutmeg 1

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Poppy Pepper just wants to survive junior high and avoid her rich rival, Saffron Longfellow, and her brownie-baking minions, The Lady Rangers. But when mysterious new girl Cassia Caraway arrives, she teams up with Poppy and together they plot to bring Saffron and crew down.

Oh, the joys of the ever dramatic times of being an adolescent and getting through school.  Dealing with cliques, losing and gaining friends, and just trying to make it to the next day.  All of this, along with some bakery plots are the just some of the ingredients making up the Nutmeg comic.  Intro pun free of charge.

Poppy is like most any young girl in junior high, doing her best to survive the jungle of junior high.  She just wants to stay under the radar, especially that of her former friend and now rival Saffron.  All this drastically changes when a new girl Cassia shows up and quickly becomes her friend.  Cassia is not about to take any shit from Saffron or her entourage, and crafts a plan involving brownies and revenge.

Girls are sugar and spice, and everything nice, and from the looks of it, so is Nutmeg's artwork.  It's got a cute, more cartoony feel to it and it really fits.  The colors are more toned down, almost like watercolors, but I thought they were still excellent.  I've also always been a fan of the lineart style used within, highlighting characters in a thicker outline.

For a story based on the lives of junior high girls, there is an intense going on just below the surface.  With the way the story opened showing us the potential end results of their actions, I'm certainly curious.  This might not be something everyone could get into, but I enjoyed the first issue and think it's worth a shot.

For more information on Nutmeg or other Action Lab books, check out Action Lab.

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Pirate Eye: Exiled from Exile 3

Posted by Geek-o-Rama Admin on 2:00 PM

Confounded at every turn, Smitty finds himself two steps behind Burroughs as their old rivalry reaches new heights of mutual hatred. As his options for survival and freedom dwindle, he'll have to learn to think like his greatest rival-and come to grips with how similar the two of them are.

The life of a pirate is not an existence that could be so easily given up without still dealing with some remnants of it later on.  It would have been hard enough to begin with, let alone trying to play both sides of the coin.  With problems both past and present all around, Smitty continues to claw his way out in part three of Pirate Eye: Exiled from Exile.

This next issue splits its time between the current situation between Smitty and Burroughs, as well as events from the past that help explain why.  Burroughs is not about to let Smitty off so easily, and uses all his connections and power to take him down.  Smitty, equally as resourceful, takes a gamble in his sticky situation in hopes of turning the tide in his favor.

There was some interesting illustration choices in this book that I had some trouble understanding.  The overall art style that we've seen prior was prominent, yet some characters had a strikingly different approach.  It wasn't bad by any means, just not something I quite understood.  Beyond that though, the artwork also featured some pretty neat color use in some pages.

With this offshoot coming to a close soon, the story is bound to get even more intense in the final issue.  It's been a cool mini series, and one that is a pretty decent way to check out Pirate Eye as a whole.  You'd be a bit better off having read the other books, but even if you haven't, is still a decent book to check out.

For more information on Pirate Eye: Exiled from Exile or other Action Lab books, check out Action Lab.

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review.  All thoughts, comments and opinions belong to the individual reviewer.

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